Professor Robin Barnes

For Current Analysis of Media Culture, Privacy Invasion
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Clarion Call for International Uniformity in Response to Media Assaults
Guide to Rules of Consent in Private Realms of Contemporary Society (2015)

Social Media, Sporting Figures and the Regulation of Morality By Robin Barnes and Paul Wragg
in THE LEGAL CHALLENGES OF SOCIAL MEDIA, Lorna Gillies and David Mangan, eds (2015).

Diaries of Warrior Princesses, Seen, Heard, a Force to Be Reckoned With (2016)


Outrageous Invasions
Celebrities' Private Lives, Media and the Law
Oxford University Press (2010) ISBN-10: 0-19539-276-0

The Nature and Scope of Individual Rights
Emerging Debates in Constitutional Law
Casebook Series, Carolina Academic Press (2007) ISBN-10: 0-89089-106-0

Book Reviews

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Select Law Review Articles, Essays, Encyclopedia Entries

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